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Derek's Daily Tip

It's important to drink fluids often as you ride to sustain your optimum energy level. On hot days, your body needs extra fluid intake in order to keep perspiring (the body's natural way of cooling itself). A good habit? Drink 16 to 21 ounces of water before a ride, then take a drink every 15-20 minutes as you ride, and have another good drink when you finish to help your body recover properly. Energy drinks can help you absorb more nutrition and beneficial minerals as you ride. Experiment with different brands before a ride in case certain sugars or other ingredients don't agree with your digestive system. Hydration packs have become the most popular way to carry fluid with you because you can sip often and without having to take your concentration off the road or trail.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

Sleeves used to join frame tubes. The tubes fit inside the lugs and are brazedĀ  (sometimes bonded) in place. Lugs reinforce joints and also make it relatively easy to disassemble the joint should a tube need replacing after a crash.

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