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Derek's Daily Tip

Childseat No-No - One common mistake when using childseats is relying on a kickstand to support the bicycle and your child. While this might occasionally work, it's a dangerous habit because the kickstand is designed only to support the bike's weight. Add the heft of the childseat and passenger (sometimes a wiggler) and the machine is more likely to fall over than to stand up, which can result in serious injury. Be safe: remove your child from the seat at stops unless you're holding the bicycle upright.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

Armstrong, Lance

Once America’s most revered cycling celebrity, Lance Armstrong was renowned for his prolific victories in 7 straight Tours de France and numerous U.S. races after surviving a near-fatal bout of cancer - and also for creating the cancer-fighting Livestrong Foundation. Sullied by extensive documentation and his own admission of using banned substances and bullying others into doing the same, Lance was stripped of most of his titles, and is now a polarizing figure in the cycling community.

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